Another "Anotah" Note

Anotah would like to Quaran-time

Tring, tring!
Your one step guide to ace the new normal as we stay home

While we self-isolate and play our part in combatting this pandemic; our world is shifting into a new way of life. As we look around for inspiration to lift our spirits, here’s some ways you can ace this Quaran-time :


1. Morning Routines

You know what they say, the magic is in how you start your day. The temptation to sleep in is all too real, but an early start gives you that much needed time and space. A morning routine helps your mind wake up and realign your thoughts.

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2. Cosy For the Win

Embrace the cosy effortless look for the days you want to slip into your state of mind. Neutral mint tones keep the look fresh, clean and crisp – what better way to start your Monday or whatever day this is?

Stay comfortable and confident in this Mint co-ord set.







3. Hustle & Grow

Remember that to-do-list you have been avoiding because you had no time. Well life just gave us lemons, it’s time to make some lemonade and hustle. Pick one goal you’d like work on and use this time to hone your skills. Pro tip – a dedicated work space and dressing the part always helps!

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4. Playing Dress Up

Miss getting all dolled up into your gram worthy OOTD? Well, who said you can’t anymore? Playing dress up never hurt anybody, slide the rule book away and slip into your favourite dress. Video call your loved ones or just binge watch the night away. No rules remember?

Feel all kinds of pretty in this gingham checkered dress.






5. Pop of Feel Good

Looking to lift your mood? Make a list of things you’re grateful as you go through the day, noticing the small things makes a world of difference. Adding in a pop of colour into your outfit can also be that much needed mood booster.

Colour, colour, which colour do you like? Colour block maybe?